Overthinking: How to stop or control your thoughts from racing?

      Everyday, I wake up anytime between 5:00am-6:30am everyday. I work full-time, workout 5-7 times a week, and I also attend rehabilitation sessions for my recent Achilles surgery. My fatigue increases as the day carries on and by 10:30pm, I am usually exhausted and ready to go to bed.

     I get ready to finally lay down and boom...that is when my mind desires to think about everything and analyze all the events of the day, situations of the past, and potential problems or ideas of the future.

     I am tired, physically exhausted, but my mind does not work that way. As a very considerate, but also difficult person, I spend a significant amount of time to think of my actions and decisions. Therefore, a little extra thinking is normal. 

     I try to think of how other people feel, but I am very far from perfect. Actually, I am not looking to be perfect, but to simply and consistently better myself everyday. However, it is one thing to think through your decisions, actions etc. and it is another thing to overthink about them. 

     Overthinking can paralyze you. It can cause anxiety and stress. It can deprive you from sleep and it is capable of creating a false reality. You can get sick from it. I have gotten sick from overthinking. It is a problem and I admit it. Therefore, it is time to face it. I asked for your help on Instagram and below you will find the answers you gave me! Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for help. 

“Take a hot bath.”      -International Photographer-

    “Usually, I just try meditation.”    -Personal Blogger-                                      

    “What I do is make a decision that I can live with and let whatever it is go. I know every choice I make won’t be perfect, but as long as  I can hold my head high and my chest out, I’m good. I hope that helps, if not, I tried. Lol."  -Fitness Lover-

      “Study!”   -Artist/Singer/Beat Producer-

        “I constantly catch myself with an active mind, a lot of nights as well. Once I fell my mind begging to burst with thoughts, I turn on music (old Outkast or something with smooth sounds), light some candles, and either write/draw what’s in my head or I’ll take a camera out and explore. I try to do something to capture the thoughts I have when I overthink so I can remember the thought and also show someone a visual representation of what’s happening in my mind.”  -Photographer-

          “Praying helps.”-Boss Moves Lady (unsure of profession, but Instagram profile is popping)-

            “Meditation, Yoga, Mindful Thinking."   -Fitness Lover-


              P.S: Please note I said face the problem, not fight it because you are who you are, but you can always become what you practice. Every action you take should be an act of love and not hate towards yourself. 
              So, what do you guys do and which response you found the most helpful and/or applicable to you? Leave your comments below!

              Love always Findurselfbyjro!


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